Why C-Sharp?

When people talk of computer programming languages, there is always a debate on which one is better. C++, Java, Perl, PHP3… the arguments and counter-points can be endless. However, it is our considered belief that that C# would be in a sense better than the rest. And there is a reason for this.


Normally, whenever a new product is introduced, it betters the technologies of its ilk. For existing technologies evolve with their own pros and cons. Therefore, in 1995, when Sun introduced Java, it took the best from amongst all languages and added current technology. Now Microsoft has done the same. Its taken the best features from C++ and Java and morphed them into this new programming language called C#.


Imagine those who worked on Java when it was launched six years ago. Today a CV boasting of a six-year experience in Java means the maximum possible. Simple arithmetic - Java was launched only in '95. Similarly, if you get into C# today, only a Microsoft engineer could have more working knowledge of it! Therefore, we don't think we need to elaborate further on the weight that a CV with C# exposure would command! Think for yourself. You may know of people who have struck lucky in getting a job. But when it comes to keeping it, Lady Luck is powerless.


Indeed, technology is ruthless, in that, it breaks across all age and seniority barriers. That's the reason why even a teenager could have as much experience with a new technology as a 40-year-old. Unfair, but true.